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ready to make their mark in the world...


Are you ready to make the entrepreneur leap of faith?
You are probably feeling scared, uncertain, excited and hopeful starting a business. You are probably wondering, silently, how you are going to pull it all off. "Is my idea good enough? Do I really have what it takes to make this happen?" Faith in yourself and your dream is important to keep you going when things get tough but also having a thorough roadmap to guide you is the way to do it. How would you feel about making the leap if you knew you'd be armed with a complete plan of action?

Do you want to have fulfilling and purposeful work?
You've probably been feeling unexcited, bored, frustrated and exhausted in your current position. You hear a nagging voice inside your head that constantly questions what you are doing and asks questions like, "Is this all there is? There has to be more than this!" That voice is right...there is more, much more. What if you could do work that allowed you to use your passion, gave you a sense of purpose and left you feeling full at the end of day? How would you feel if you knew this was all within reach?

I'm betting you'd feel energized, confident, enthusiastic, and a million other amazing feelings! Let's get you there.


Hundreds of businesses are started everyday. Some succeed and some fail. But, all of them tend to start in one of two very different ways:


The hit-the-ground-running folks are leading with their passion; their attention unfocused and all over the place. They have shiny toy syndrome for each tip or tool that crosses their path, leading to low productivity, overwhelm and analysis paralysis as they are unable to make any progress. The methodical-business-plan folks are leading with their logic, completely disconnected from their dreams and purpose. They are so hyper focused to only what's in their plan that they miss huge opportunities and never live in the moment to enjoy the small wins along the way. Both of these aren't the way to start and run a business.  

What if you had a business plan that integrates your purpose and passion and used it as a strength? It's your lucky day then.  


The power of why & how to use it...

"Why" is an extremely powerful word and question that is commonly overlooked. We tend to barrel down the road, working away, without a single moment of pause to wonder "why?", until it's sometimes too late. How many times have you pushed hard, achieved, let go or stopped doing something only to find yourself uncertain why you made the decision you did? We all have a lot of needs, wants and desires but don't always know why or what they will do for us.  


This business plan is different than any other business plan out there. It's anchored in why, validated by research and customized with your passion and who it helps. Your plan won't end up being a disconnected piece of your business, it will integrate purpose and soul throughout your business, empowering you to truly connect with your customers in a way that only purpose-driven businesses can. It gives you a competitive edge that is one-of-a-kind and all your own. 

Knowing why you want to do what you do can be the single most powerful thing you can do for you and your business.


no overwhelm, confusion or frustration...

You've probably thought about business plans at some point and thought one of two things:  

how they feel.png

You're 100% right. The great thing is that you can have both: someone to walk with you through this and a plan that feels uniquely you. This business plan process has been designed to take what can be a frustrating and anxiety-ridden experience for many and turn it into a comfortable, exciting and ah-ha moment filled experience. There's no getting stuck and spinning your wheels trying to figure it out. I will be right beside you the whole way through.

You have everything you need right now to get started: an idea and your passion. We can do this together.


what you can expect...

I know that the thought of creating a business plan can seem like a daunting feat, but trust me, this will be the easiest, most valuable and rewarding thing you've done for your business. You set your own pace and can be as aggressive in your completion goals or take as much time as needed. I will walk along side you throughout this process, however you choose to do it. You will finish with clarity and confidence, knowing you have a very well vetted plan to move forward with and the next steps to get you started on the right foot. Here's what's included:


The workbooks were created using carefully selected questions to help you use industry best practices and discover the information and insights you need. The plan is broken up into 7 workbooks to keep your work sessions manageable and productive. You will evaluate your business idea, explore what it takes it to get it off the ground, define your core business messaging, profile your ideal target customer, and much, much more. You can get this done regardless of your full-time job or life responsibilities.




The last section, The Execution, is specifically created to make sure that you don't end up with a plan and no action after. Knowing where to start once you've created a plan can sometimes be confusing. With The Execution, you will have clear next steps to get you moving on the productive path forward.

There will be no unused or left behind plans and promises; only clarity and the confidence to make it happen.


why we should work together...


I've written 16 business plans and hundreds of other business documents ranging from technical documents to presentations, for myself and others. Many of the documents were written in the traditional format, disconnected from why and other important purpose-driven questions. It wasn't until a few years ago that I started to see the connection and value of integrating those all-important questions into the creation of business documents. Without that purpose connection, plans end up hollow, disjointed and cookie-cutter. You aren't cookie-cutter. Either is your business idea. You need a plan that makes sense for you, your work style, your goals and your target customers, backed by proven industry best practices and research. It is the perfect match of heart and mind, customized just for you.


She made me feel comfortable venturing into the unknown.

Usually completing this type of task when left on my own would be accompanied by feelings of anxiety, I get lost in the tangents and the unknowns. This kept me focused on the right now, looking at the why's and the how's, identifying the who's that are available to study; it was tangible and provided instant structure to a somewhat un-shaped idea.


Choose your investment option...

Business plans can be complicated and overwhelming but don't have to be. You can do-it-yourself with a co-pilot (me!), have the process figured out for you and get a customized, meaningful business plan for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. A comprehensive business plan, like the one you'll get with Dreamer & Creator, starts at $1,750 and goes up to $5,000 depending on who you work with. You could hire an independent business writer for $400 to write your business plan, leaving the process, research and information up to you. Do you like overpaying or being left with a plan that completely misses the mark? I didn't think so.

This will be the single-most important thing you've done for your business. Take the first step.


a note from me to you...

I'm so excited to start this journey with you. I truly get excited at the thought of helping someone bring their idea to life. This is a huge deal and I don't take it lightly! I wouldn't want to work with someone who didn't have a passion for my business and neither should you. The entire process should be infused with passion, creativity and positivity. We'll navigate the business world together evaluating and creating a plan that will start you on the path to making your mark in the world. Remember that leap of faith? It's time. Time to trust your idea, passion and purpose. This isn't my first biz rodeo. I've got you. Let's get your first coaching session scheduled and the PDF workbooks in your hands so we can kick this off with a bang. Are you ready?

Get your business roadmap today and get on the track to making your mark.