Do you stumble and pause when asked about what you do?

Does your business messaging feel disconnected and confusing?

Are you missing the mark with your target customers?

Have you lost your excitement and passion for your business?

Sounds like you need to define your core business messaging and discover the magical why of it all.


lay the foundation...

What do business owners and house builders have in common? They both have to lay the foundation before they can begin building. Regardless of where you are in your business journey—just starting out or been in business for awhile—it's important to have the foundational basics of your business defined. Your core business messaging is the starting point for all your branding, marketing and communications efforts. It can influence what kind of look your brand has, the types of words or phrases you use, who you work with, who you help, and even the types of tools you use. 


Sounds simple enough but these are some of the hardest and most important questions you'll answer in your business. That's because it requires you to get super crystal clear about what's at the core of your business. I like to call these the 5 W's & H of your business. The answers to these questions are different for each person and business because it's about business drivers, purpose, passions, thoughts, opinions, perspective, and experiences. By defining your core business messaging you are integrating yourself and your uniqueness into your business; integrating your marketing and communications messaging; and hitting the customer bulls-eye.

Defining your core business messaging gives you a competitive edge all your own.


The power of why...

You made a decision to forgo the traditional path of working for someone else to pursue your dreams and aspirations. You want the flexibility and passion-driven days that owning your own business gives you. Why you made that leap is powerful to your business and may not be totally clear to you or you may have lost sight of it. That issue has caused other problems along the way. The problems are showing disconnection—a disconnect with yourself, business core, messaging or customers.


The problems are all pointing to a core issue. Here's where the magical why comes in. In order to get back on track with your business and feel good about it again, you've got to get to the core of your business and do some investigation and (re)discovery of why you do what you do. 

Don't put a bandaid on your business. Get to the core of the issue, fix it and get moving forward.


benefits you can't ignore...

All businesses start with a reason for their existence but not all keep that at the core of the business and let it influence and guide their decisions and actions. Having a clear purpose at the core of a business has shown to have amazing benefits. 


Anchor your business purpose and get ready to reap the benefits.


why we should work together...


I've been working in marketing and communications for a decade. All the brands, people and businesses I've worked with over the years all have one necessity in common: clear and unique business messaging. This is what gives businesses a guiding purpose that stands out among the competition. Most businesses answer the basic questions of what they do, how they do it and who they help but completely overlook the most important question on why they do it all. This question is the difference between a business that connects with its employees, customers and industry in a meaningful and unique way and business that doesn't.


She got me unstuck and excited to take the next step.

Before I began working with Tiffany, I was stuck. I was fine with word-of-mouth client referrals but my business was just building too slowly. I didn't know how to take the next step and felt overwhelmed to make a move. Now I am clear on how I am unique and standout from the rest of my competition; I know who my target customer is; and I know what to do next. I'm excited to take the next step, now that I know what it is.


what you can expect...

Get To The Core Of Your Messaging was designed to get you clear and focused on what matters in your business messaging, whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for awhile. You'll receive a 6-page guided workbook with questions and prompts designed to pull out insightful information about why your business exists and what drives it. The workbook is broken up into two main sections:


First, you'll explore and discover. Then you'll define and outline your messaging. After that, you and I will work one-on-one and fine tune your messaging until it feels 100% spot on for you, your business, industry and customers. You'll then receive a Core Messaging Map for quick reference on future projects. Coming away from our session, you are going to feel focused, energized and clear on how to integrate your messaging throughout your business endeavors. 

Core messaging is just what your business needs to get moving in the right direction.


choose your investment option...

There are other do-it-yourself core messaging programs out there costing upwards of $300 that will help you discover your business messaging but forget the all-important purpose connection. This is what sets your business messaging apart from others and truly creates a sense of passion and purpose in your business.  

The power of purpose is something you can't ignore for your business. 


a note from me to you...

I'm truly excited to work with you on one of the most important things you can do for your business. Purpose gets me really fired up. I've been a part of companies that had it and many that didn't. The positive connection between business + purpose becomes really obvious quickly. Everything, and I mean everything, just operates better when it's anchored by purpose, alleviating so many of the issues that businesses encounter. It's not a cure all by any means but really does help in so many ways. I hope we get to work together and clarify why your business exists helping you to explain your business easily, connect and integrate your business messaging, hit the bulls-eye with your target customers and reignite your passion and excitement for your work. 

I hope you'll join me on the journey of discovering the magical why of it all.