5 Awesome Sources of Blog Post Ideas

Whether your blog is a part of or is your entire business, it is a vital traffic driver and important way to convey your expertise to your audience. Content curation and the process of coming up with fresh, engaging and relevant ideas to write about can feel like a goliath of a task sometimes. Especially when you get further along in your business and start to run out of topics you haven’t covered. It doesn’t have to be hard though. There’s a wealth of inspiration out there, you just need to know where and how to tap into it. Here are 5 amazing sources of blog post ideas sure to inject your blog with freshness and wow your audience.


Write from experience

Many times, the easiest way to come up with blog topics is to simply look inward and write about what you know, are experiencing, your struggles and accomplishments. Start by asking yourself those exact questions and create a running list. If you’re working on Pinterest marketing for your blog, then write some helpful how-to guides on what you end up developing. If you had major breakthrough with a coaching client, then write about your unique techniques with this client type. If you are developing a product to be sold in stores, write about your produce development process and some keys to success. Sometimes the easiest topics are right in front of our faces.

Listen to your audience

Tons of ideas have been discovered because someone stopped and actively listened to what someone said they wanted or needed. Some great ways to do this is to explore social communities, groups, posts and hashtags focused on your industry or field. If you have a community you manage, then you could simply ask them what kinds of topics they would love to read. You could go out in to the real world and talk to some target customers about what they want and need. Even chatting it up with your friends and family can produce some ah-ha moments for your blog topics. So get out, start listening and begin ideation.

Google your industry

Googling anything can produce millions of results. To begin, Google your industry or field keywords. See what other topics people publishing. Read their varying perspectives. Scan the comments to see if any readers had some interesting views. Once you find a general topic of interest, apply your unique perspective and expertise to make it all your own. Time to get those fingers typing.

A book’s table of contents

Table of contents are like a simplified roadmap of information and are also amazing sources of topical inspiration.  You could take a trip to a local bookstore or visit Amazon.com and start reading through the TOC’s of any book in your industry or field. This is especially helpful if you are trying to plan ahead on posts or do a series, as you can get some well-groomed topical groupings that fit well together and truly engage. It’s important here, again, to insert your unique take on the subject once you have your inspiration. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

Get a fresh perspective

Sometimes the main issue is that it feels like it’s all been written before and you simply don’t have a unique take on the topic. To get a fresh perspective, take a look at an industry completely different from yours. A good place to start with this is an industry trade publication. Industry trade publications exist for every industry from advertising to healthcare to coaching. Most are available online these days. If you have a specific topic in mind, then start searching for that and an industry different than yours to see their unique view on the topic. Otherwise, just explore a different industry and see what you discover. You are sure to find a fresh take on a timeless topic for your next post.

Now it’s your turn. Have you used any of these sources for your blog post ideas? What works for you when you’re stuck? Share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and be well!


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